"I WILL 2017!"

“I WILL 2017”
It's a fact that a public declaration of your goal/objectives will contribute to your accomplishments! We asked Directors, Directors-in-Training, Gold Builders and Corporate Staff to share their goals for the coming year. Thank you to everyone who responded with such positive, inspirational, life-changing goals!

I WILL help thousands of families globally to begin their journey of financial freedom.
Natalie & Kenneth Graham, Two-Star Directors, Loganville, GA

We declare 2017 WILL introduce the greatest resurgence of wealth in your lives through PlanNet Marketing.
Walter & Tiffany Powell, Three-Star Directors, Atlanta, GA

I WILL be recognized as one of the top producers and income earners in PlanNet Marketing and will also produce more Directors (on every level) as top income earners/ highest paid directors in 2017.
Melodie Washington, Two-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

I WILL help at least 20 families earn a six-figure income in 2017 via PlanNet Marketing.
Orlanda Moore, Four-Star Director, Huntsville, AL

I WILL love more and worry less, exercise more patience, drink more water, go for more walks with my daughter, spend more time smiling and laughing, hug those I love at every opportunity, get more sleep, wish on more stars, sing louder and longer, read a lot more books, care less about what others think, and give up my need to "be right" all the time in 2017!
Amanda Restivo, PlanNet Marketing Manager of Compliance, East Alton, IL

One of my personal goals for 2017 is to continue on my path of personal development. As I learn and model my team will also learn and model. Teamwork makes the Dream work!!!!!
Melissa Collins, One-Star Director, Conroe, TX

I WILL retire from my corporate job in 2017 to build my travel empire full time.
Tanisha Burke, Director-in-Training, Rockledge, FL

In 2017, WE WILL be Three-Star Directors, promoting at least 4 Directors on our team and helping families all over the world!
Donn & Tawanda Shamley, One-Star Directors, Conyers, GA

I WILL cross the threshold of six-figures in 2017! "It’s Your Time…Go Get It!"
Eric Hawkins, One-Star Director, Tobyhanna, PA

Our goal for 2017 is to be  Two-Star Directors with One-Star Directors on the team and DIT. We declare this WILL be done by hard work, relationship building and the Grace of God.
Clayton and Kisha McGhie, Director-in-Training, Brandywine, MD

One of my goals is to have duplication in my organization! Right now, I have my egg, but need that flour and milk!!! I'm ready to bake that cake!!!!
Amanda Ruggs, Director-in-Training, Mobile, AL

Definitely, I WILL hit Director in 2017!!!
Darius Hunter, Gold Builder, Stone Mountain, GA

I WILL be a Director in 2017!!! Goal by Las Vegas convention.
Tim Brown, Gold Builder, Huntsville, AL

One of my goals for 2017 is that I WILL walk out on stage at the Vegas convention in April as a One-Star Director.
Taryn Cox, Gold Builder, Director-in-Training, Ruislip HIL, Great Britain

I WILL 2017!  In 2017, I will help even more families realize that wealth-building and leaving a positive financial legacy is not a pipe dream. It is something truly attainable. 
Charles Kindred, Director-in-Training, El Cajon, CA

In 2017 I WILL remain committed to daily activity. I will work closely with my team to help them achieve their goals while working to achieve my goal of One-Star Director by the 2017 National Convention in Las Vegas.
Kymberly Caldwell, Gold Builder, Asheville, NC

Our individual team goal for 2017 is to invest in training, coaching, and mentoring a minimum of five (5) people to Directorship. Our personal business goal is to become six-figure income earners in PlanNet Marketing.
Greg & Carla Scott, One-Star Directors, Upper Marlboro, MD

My #1 goal is to become better so that I can be the evidence. My life, mindset and belief have changed tremendously since I’ve been in PlanNet Marketing.  If it changed my life, I know that there are others that also need a life change. My 2016 experience was a guide of how much more I need to do in 2017. I’ll know I’m on track when I become a 20/20 Club Member and a One-Star Director. I WILL IN 2017.
Desiree Wicker, PlanNet Rep, Covington, GA

I WILL help team members make more money in 2017 than they have ever made in this industry.
Robert Michael Banks Jr, One-Star Director, Baltimore, MD

My goal for 2017 is to become a Two-Star Director by taking advantage of the arrival of PlanNet Marketing in the Caribbean, and other countries to come. Happy New Year 2017 to everyone!!
Jean Marc Godard, One-Star Director, Saint-Louis, Guadeloupe

I WILL 2017! - I will live my Life according to God's will. My 2017 objective is to advance in my Network Marketing career each day to get better, be better. Master my craft. My 2017 goals are to help people advance financially, get promotions, etc. People before profits…then I can be a high paid Two-Star Director.
LaDonna Spratley, One-Star Director, Decatur, GA

I WILL enrich, impact and empower many lives in the year of 2017 by becoming a better me!!!
David Washington, One-Star Director, Charlotte, NC

In 2017, I WILL continue my search in becoming a better me. Not for the approval of others around me, but for the betterment of my personal life. In focusing on those things that need improvement in my life, I can become a better asset to the lives of those around me - being more compassionate, understanding, loving, supporting, and understanding that it is all done without personal gain expected.
Justin Holliday, PlanNet Marketing Support Specialist, Seminole, OK

I WILL read more, become a better leader, help more families, and achieve Two-Star Directorship in 2017!!
Shaunté Garrett, One-Star Director, Nashville, TN

I WILL help create four new One-Star Directors in the UK in 2017.
Andre Sinclair, One-Star Director, London HIL GB

I WILL finish what I started, I will hit Two-Star Director by helping my team rank up. And pursue my Three-Star by end of 2017!
Kwanya Martin, One-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

I WILL in 2017 be better spiritually, financially, and more personally developed. I will be a better giver and helper to anyone God places in my life. I will be more grateful for what God blessed me with in 2016, the people he placed in my life, the places He allowed me to go, because it all helped me see that I still have more of me to improve in 2017. I will in 2017 be a Director in PlanNet Marketing, a strong Network Marketer, the evidence in this industry, for those whose life change has been waiting on me to be all God has called me to be! I will in 2017 have many families, 50 personal families that I will help become financially free. I will in 2017 put ALL my trust in God, the only one who can help me be all that I am to be in 2017.
Cheryl Clemons, Director-in-Training, Oklahoma City, OK

In 2017 I WILL achieve Two-Star Director as well as welcome in no less than two One-Star Directors in my organization! We will change lives one by one!
Amy Uribe, Director-in-Training, Galveston, TX

In 2017 I WILL continue to work on being a better parent, friend, sister, wife, worker…just a better person. Happy New Year 2017!
Tina Salumu, PlanNet Marketing Support Specialist, Fort-Collins, CO

I WILL lead my team to greatness and bless my family with an upgraded lifestyle in 2017.
LaVonda Thornton, One-Star Director, Houston, TX

I WILL be sure to count my blessings for each and every wonderful person that I encounter along the way who make my life and job so enjoyable. There are so many wonderful people that make this place the BEST PLACE ON THE PLANNET! I truly am grateful for all of you!
Sarah Muscarella, PlanNet Marketing Supervisor of Rep Support, Marinette, WI

I WILL in 2017 reach my goal in attaining Three-Star Director and I will become a six- figure earner.
Letoria Mayberry, One-Star Director. Huntsville, AL

I WILL in 2017...keep God first so that everything I say will come to pass. I will help 2,000 families become financially free through this amazing project. I will stay committed to the process so that I may be a better leader and help develop others into leaders.I will always put people before profit. I will help create 20 Directors in 2017. I will continue to sacrifice. I will continue to sow so that I can reap later. I will have a team in every country that we have open for business. I will be a Top 10 money earner. I will continue to bless others. I will continue to be the evidence.
Tiffany and Calvin McIntosh, Two-Star Directors, Copley, OH

In 2017 I WILL be less of a procrastinator.
Angela Geisen, PlanNet Marketing Support Specialist, Alton, IL

My wife and I WILL help 10 families build a Director organization. We understand that as we accomplish this goal we are literally placing people in a position to WIN, a position of HOPE and a position of OPTIONS.
Steve and Kim Maduro, Director-in-Training, Converse, TX

We WILL…dedicate a significant portion of income to saving, investing and helping others. We will become Directors and Director-makers and continue to help our team members succeed.
Rachael & Michael Young, Director-in-Training, Duluth, GA

I WILL empower more families by helping my team members become Directors in 2017. Damien Goins, Two-Star Director, Greenbelt, MD

I WILL INCREASE my efforts, my market share, my income, changing lives ...I'm going to the next level and I'm going to earn my Presidential Ring in 2017!
Trudy Scott, One-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

I WILL exercise, have a healthy diet, have patience, travel, volunteer, and floss daily.
Andy Cauthen, PlanNet Marketing President and CEO, Collinsville, IL

I WILL become a Director-maker times three in 2017!!
Patricia Johnson Brown, One-Star Director, John Creek, GA

I WILL IN 2017 not only help my business partners get to their next promotion level but I will get to my next Goal of Two-Star Director!!! Happy New Year!!!
Erinn Elzie, One-Star Director, Charlotte, NC

Wow, while I have many goals for 2017 I would have to narrow it down to one thing and that would be for my team to have the first One-Star Director in the State of Virginia and to become a Director-maker!  Not only am I a veteran, but I also work for the Federal Government and about two years ago, I was part of the sequestration. So, now having personally experienced losing that secure Plan A, I truly realize that you must have a Plan B in place before the Plan A goes away. Since being in PlanNet Marketing, it has truly changed my life and I look forward to continued growth as a leader as I inspire and motivate others to be great leaders as well.
Sheila Snipes, Director-in-Training, Stafford, VA

I WILL in 2017 have more date nights with my husband! I will help my sons Adrion II and Aidan accomplish their dreams to be young entrepreneurs. I will receive my Master's Degree in Leadership in May. I will walk the path that has been set for me by God who is the orchestrator of my life. I will help more families win. I will double my attendance to meetings that I am qualified to attend. My goal for 2017 is to become a homeowner! I can and I will always win!
Philecia Thompson, Gold Builder, Edmond, OK

I WILL be a Four-Star Director! I Will help 10 People in the UK become Directors.
David Dacosta, Two-Star Director, London, UK

I WILL in 2017 focus on my purpose, fulfill my work, exercise more, have peace of mind, flourish relationships that refresh my soul, laugh more, be wise with my decisions and live unapologetically out loud.
Tisha DeShields, One-Star Director, Snellville, GA

This is the year of increase. Two-Star Director is done with a bevy of directors to follow.
Remus and Alisha Blair, Director-in-Training, San Antonio, TX

In 2017, I WILL continue to bless others with this opportunity for entrepreneurship of financial freedom. People don't realize that PlanNet Marketing is a hidden jewel that can change the future for many families. The culture is unlike any company that I've known.
Sonya Phillips, Director-in-Training, Decatur, GA

I WILL remember where I have been and where PlanNet Marketing is taking my family of eight.  I will continue to be driven by a sense of urgency.  I will continue to provide the tools showing families how they can have personal, time and financial freedom. I will live every day with integrity and vow to consistently make a positive difference within my organization utilizing my knowledge. I will stretch myself to my fullest potential. I will be a Two-Star Director and a Director-maker by  Dec. 31, 2017!!
Rachel Russell, Director-in-Training, Columbia, MO