20/20 Club Member Tisha DeShields is from the Maryland/Delaware Eastern Shore and has resided in Atlanta, GA for 17 years. She tells us, “I am an Atlanta socialite and millennium mompreneur who transitioned from being a domestic engineer to owning my own business. I stepped out on faith and gave birth 13 years ago to my "God Idea," Original Belly Works. Original Belly Works provides do-it-yourself plaster kits for pregnant mommies so that they can plaster their pregnant tummies and create a keepsake for baby. Two years ago, I decided to join the travel industry because I simply wanted to travel like an insider. I have always loved traveling and knowing that I could book my own travel and receive a commission on my own travel just made sense. I absolutely love spending time with family and friends but more importantly, I love TRAVELING with friends and family. 

I am a proud mother of four very active children ages: 23, 21, 17, and 12, and all play sports at various levels from middle school to high school to college to professional. Their competitions and games have taken me to many cities, states, and countries. In supporting and cheering for them, nothing has brought me as much joy as watching them live out their childhood dreams. They have no idea how they are the wind beneath my wings. 

Tisha says her life has afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively, domestically and abroad.  She has visited Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Amsterdam, and the Caribbean Islands, which include the islands of Jamaica, Tortola, St. Maarten, St. Martinique, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Antigua, and St. Thomas. She has also visited many cities in Mexico - Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Cozumel. She adds, “I have a few vacation spots on my bucket list and I can’t wait to use this amazing vehicle to help me check them off of the list!”

Tisha’s advice: Listen to the advice of your leaders. “This is a business of Follow The Leader. You do not have to recreate the wheel. The wheel has been researched, constructed, tried and tested and all you have to do is ‘move’ in the direction the wheel is going. I encourage all new business partners to stay plugged in. Stay plugged in to the systems that are in place and MOVE the WHEEL! Teamwork truly makes the dream work.” 

Following is more excellent advice from Tisha who is “determined to live her ‘authentic life’ and live it unapologetically out loud!”

 (1)   Put your emotions aside. 
 (2)  This is business. Not everyone is going to be as passionate about your business as you. 
 (3)  Be consistent. Do the little things on a regular basis.  
 (4)  Stay focused: Focus on running your race. Do not let life's obstacles keep you from reaching
        your end zone. 
 (5)  Stay plugged into the PlanNet System.
 (6)  Find an accountability partner, someone who can push you to get to the next level.
       Remember, iron sharpens iron.
 (7)  Become a part of the culture: Listen to the calls. Read the emails. Check the calendar to see
       where the leaders are in the various parts of the world. Have travel parties. Do the PS3 and
       be coachable. Your leaders have been exactly where you are and they know how to help you
       achieve your goals.
 (8)  Help your team/your business partners reach their goals. The principle of sowing and reaping
       applies. If you help enough people get what they want, you will ultimately get what you want. 
 (9)  Have fun with your business. Your product is travel and the entire world is doing it. Just
        position yourself to help the world make their vacations a reality.
(10)  Stay the course. “You Bought It, Now Build It.”



Gregory and Carla Scott reside in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. While Gregory is originally from Washington, DC, Carla is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. This PlanNet Marketing power couple and 20/20 Club members have two children and have been married for 17 years. Gregory has been a law enforcement professional for 28 years on the state and federal level. He is also an ordained minister at their local church. Carla has been a human resources professional in the corporate, nonprofit, and federal government arena for 21 years. 

The Scotts are very humbled to be part of the company's 20/20 Club. Since PlanNet Marketing launched, they have personally sold over 50 ITAs. They have been in the travel industry for over nine years, with a track record of success that is connected to the proven leadership that they have been under, which started early on with the founder of PlanNet Marketing, Mr. Donald Bradley. They have replicated that same level of leadership and commitment to their growing team throughout the country, having achieved their success by their genuine love and respect for the people who have chosen to partner with them. Gregory and Carla have never lost sight of placing people before profit. They believe that in business, as well as in other areas of life, people are their biggest assets. Gregory says that meeting people where they are will take you so much further than just passing over them. Carla believes that product knowledge and excellent customer service are the keys to having a successful travel business. 

Gregory and Carla relate, “We have been able to balance our very demanding professional careers with our PlanNet Marketing business by simply staying in our lanes. We understand that we have access to two tremendous opportunities with our business that are both very profitable.”  Gregory focuses on the marketing side of the business through the relationships that he has established over the years. He has become the face of their growing empire as he meets new people who have become partners. He enjoys connecting with people by showing them the promise and the possibilities of the business through entrepreneurship development. Carla, on the other hand, is passionate about the travel side of their business. She has created a growing and thriving travel clientele where she absolutely enjoys helping people travel the world to the destinations of their dreams. She does not create vacations for people - she consistently creates an over-the-top experience that will remain with her clients for a lifetime.

Their most memorable travel experience in recent years was spent at an all-inclusive property in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In their spare time, Gregory enjoys playing golf, reading, spending time with family, and impacting people through Christian ministry. Carla enjoys traveling, event planning, interior decorating, shopping, hanging out with family, and community service. Gregory and Carla Scott are a powerful 1-2 punch for the PlanNet Marketing family!



Sonya Phillips is a native of Atlanta, GA and resides in Decatur, GA (metro Atlanta). Her background is in human resources, specializing in retirement benefits. She has been married for 27 years with two young adult children in college, is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and she just gave up her role as a Girl Scout leader.


20/20 Club member Sonya says, “I love entertaining, dance, music, tennis and most importantly TRAVEL! Travel is what initially sparked my interest in this opportunity. I have traveled to Jamaica, Punta Cana, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, and several popular destinations across the US. I plan to use this opportunity to see many more places around the globe.”

Sonya shares, “I have been in other opportunities but nothing like PlanNet Marketing. My success comes from my belief in the company and our product of TRAVEL. I am consistently staying connected with my leaders, adapting to the processes in place, attending the events and inviting guests, having travel parties for myself and business partners. More importantly, the leadership of the company is amazing. We have excellent leadership in Mr. Bradley, Mr. Cauthen and Mr. Ferrara. They really show they care about helping people change the financial future for their families with a very aggressive comp plan, if you put in the work. The support from my Directors, Three-Star Director Eileen Ross and One-Star Directors Don and Tawanda Shamley, is welcomed as they continue to push me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

She continues, “If you want to become successful, it is very important to be coachable and stay connected with the documented leaders. When people become disconnected, they blame everyone around them for their lack of success. Stay connected with people whom you strive to climb up the ladder beside. My next goal is One-Star Director!”
“You only fail when you stop trying!”



Junelene Johnson was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands on the beautiful island of St.Croix, saying, “I was also very fortunate to be raised on one of tourism's top ten islands, the enchanting isle of St.Lucia. I am a wife of 14 years to my best friend Calvin Johnson Jr, and mother of a blended family of seven! I love cooking, entertaining, music, dancing and I also enjoy watching most sports.”

Being from and having family all over the Caribbean, U.K, United States and Canada, travel has always played a huge part in Junelene’s life. She loves experiencing and learning about  different cultures. This 20/20 Club member says, “PlanNet Marketing has given me a platform to help others fulfill their dreams and passion for travel, and has also helped others attain entrepreneurship, something some thought was far beyond their reach. In helping others achieve their dreams, I achieved success by doing so.

“Being excited about my business has attracted many and has sparked interest in people who have never traveled. PlanNet Marketing truly embraces the saying ‘in business for yourself, but not by yourself.’ I'm under great leadership in Houston - Three-Star Director and Sapphire ring wearer Phillip Rollins; my personal coach and mentor, One-Star Director Mrs. Lavonda Thornton; One-Star Director Jermaine Irving, and Three-Star Sapphire ring wearer Ms. JP Watkins, who is always gracing us with her presence and mentorship.”



20/20 Club Member Jermaine Irvin is the proud father of three wonderful children. He says, “They are indeed my WHY! I am a self-motivated kind of guy; however when I look into their eyes, my determination grows, on a daily, minute-by-minute basis. I gave myself permission to leave an inheritance for my children’s children. I am grateful for the vehicle PlanNet for helping me to accomplish this goal. I am excited about this goal, because we are moving so fast. I believe my children will be able to witness my accomplishment, as well as meet some of the team who helped me!”

Jermaine attended the University of Texas on an academic scholarship in business. He relates, “I find it odd they never taught me about residual income. I am currently employed with AT&T as a Customer Service technician. I am so grateful to my sponsors in PlanNet Marketing, Mr.and Mrs. Phillip Rollins! They did not reach out to me; I reached out to them based on their dynamic work ethic. I love the field of network marketing. Although I am not new to network marketing, this is the first time I have had great success and with the position I am currently in, will make all of my dreams a reality.

“I love to have fun, so of course that involves traveling! I am experiencing so much success with the power of three! When I personally recruit someone my main goal is to put them in profit mode immediately. I then encourage them to plug into the system, which means getting on morning calls, team calls, pulse calls, hosting travel parties, weekly meetings, big events, and most definitely learning what they have in their back office. I also encourage them to ask questions.

“I love having fun, but more than anything, I love making money! Many of my business partners refer to me as ‘Money Maine’ instead of Jermaine! I enjoy spending time with family and friends. More than anything it is my utmost desire to show family, friends, and those who desire (and are willing to make sacrifices and accept delayed gratification) the pathway to financial freedom.”