July is going to be a Blockbuster Month for PlanNet Marketing!



Owed Monthly Fees Are Forgiven!
July is truly Freedom Month at InteleTravel.com, because no matter how many monthly fees you may owe in arrears, you can reactivate your Independent Travel Agency (ITA) account or Society of Intelligent Travelers membership by paying only one current Monthly Unlimited Support Fee.

No Reasons Necessary.
You may be on credit hold or inactive because your credit card information changed, or because life became a bit more complicated, or because things have been tight lately. It doesn't matter.

No Limit To The Amount We Will Waive For You.
You might owe one, two, three, four or more months, totaling $40, $80, $100 or more in overdue fees. It doesn't matter.

You Must Act By July 31st.
InteleTravel values you and wants you back as an agent. So for this one special month only, pay just one of your regular monthly fees to reactivate your account and regain access to your InteleTravel website, all the commission income, and benefits of being an independent travel agent or a member of the Society of Intelligent Travelers! Then make your regular future monthly payments after that to maintain your good standing.

Reactivation Is Automated. No Need To Call Or Write.
Simply login at www.InteleTravel.com with your Agent PIN and Password and complete the payment information by July 31, 2016.

Four & Free Forever!
Come back in July and you can take advantage of PlanNet Marketing's 4 & Free Forever offer allowing you to waive monthly fees FOREVER! See your PlanNet Marketing website for details.

Offer applies to InteleTravel Agent accounts or Society Memberships on credit hold or inactive as of July 1, 2016 only. Offer is valid July 1 - July 31, 2016 only and valid payment of current monthly fee amount must be made online to InteleTravel during those dates only. Log into your Agent back office site and make a payment online. No other adjustments will be allowed. All other terms of your InteleTravel Independent Contractor Agreement or Society Terms & Conditions apply. Offer does not apply to Cancelled accounts - please call or email customers ervice@inteletravel.com or membership@intelligenttravelsociety.com.