another Successful 20/20 Club Member!


Meet 20/20 Club Member Erinn Elzie, who was born and raised in Dover, Delaware, and has lived in Charlotte, NC for almost 10 years. Erinn is a wife and mother of two and says her interests include exploring new places and traveling with her family and her friends.  She is a full time social worker by day and currently works with adults with developmental disabilities. Erinn’s true passion is in the field of youth mental health and she plans to eventually own and manage her own mentoring program for at-risk youth.

Prior to owning her own travel business, she  was only able to travel out of the country three times - to Aruba, Canada, and Jamaica. Since partnering with PlanNet Marketing, Erinn has been able to travel more and for less by experiencing a Bahamas FAM trip, as well as traveling to Miami, FL. In a short few weeks she will be going to Cancun utilizing her travel agent rates!

Erinn defines her success this way, “My success in PlanNet Marketing has come from first being coachable. My mentor, Ms. Eileen Ross, is someone I truly respect and admire in this business. She has been the key to my success in my new adventure of network marketing! Eileen's one-on-one coaching, plugging into weekly calls, and attending any events that I am qualified to attend is a major key to my success! Connecting with other top leaders in the business, following their guidance, learning about my business through the trainings at Super Saturdays, weekly meetings, and weekly calls have also been key for me!”

She continues, “I always share with my business partners to be consistent; my activity has never stopped or slowed down -  if anything it has increased! The saying ‘The fortune is in the follow- up’ has stuck with me for months. Following up with my prospects and setting appointments with them has helped me to achieve my success in reaching my goals. I will continue to help my business partners reach their goals by making sure they have all the resources needed to be successful in their business as well as conducting launch calls and three-way calls for them. I will plug in by participating in all events that I am able to attend in order to be successful. As of now I am a ‘Director in Training’ and my next stop is One-Star and I can’t wait!”