Your Paylution Pay Portal is Here!

We are pleased to announce PlanNet Marketing is partnering with Hyperwallet’s Paylution Pay Portal to help achieve an international payment system for our Independent Representatives. Hyperwallet has been providing their services to direct selling companies for over 15 years. They excel in international payment options and local currency distribution worldwide.

With Paylution Pay Portal, you can opt to be paid via direct deposit, prepaid card load, paper check, local cash pickups or any combination of these based on your personal preference. Payments are timely and efficient with its real-time wallet and card loading, giving you the ability to access money while traveling 24/7 through web or mobile interfaces.

CLICK HERE for the "Getting Started Guide" that will give you an overview of Paylution and how easy it is to get paid through our new PlanNet Paylution Portal.

CLICK HERE for your "Paylution User Guide" attached that will give you more specific information about our PlanNet payment portal and fees associated with different payment options.

Be on the lookout for your first email from Paylution - we'll be creating an account for you this week and you'll receive an email inviting you to login and prepare your account to receive your first payment on July 15, 2016.  Make sure to get this account set up as soon as possible to have instant access to your commissions.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call Customer Support at 470-443-9330. (After setting up your account with Paylution, you can contact their Customer Service directly - this information is located in the Paylution User Guide). Here's what to do now:

  1. When you receive the notice from Hyperwallet, click the link in your email where it says "LINK."

  2. Verify your identity by entering your birthdate or PlanNet Marketing Rep ID.

  3. Verify and/or update all of your personal account information (address, phone number, birthdate, etc)

  4. Your username will automatically be your email address, then you'll create a password and set up two security questions and answers.

  5. Next, check the box under Agreement that says, "I Have Read And Agree To The Website Terms And Conditions." (You can also click that sentence to view the Terms and Conditions.)

  6. Click CONFIRM to activate your Paylutions Pay Portal.

  7. The Paylutions Login page will appear; you can now login to begin using your account (

Here's a recap of the basic fees:

  • To set up your Paylutions Pay Portal - $0

  • To receive your PlanNet Commission payments - $0

  • To transfer funds from your Paylutions account to your pay card - $0

  • Monthly Maintenance of this account - $2 (only after activated by having money in your account)

  • To order your optional pay card - $1.95 one-time fee (cards are only available in USD, but any Rep in any country can order one)