Paylution Pay Portal

PlanNet Marketing has partnered with Hyperwallet’s Paylution Pay Portal to help achieve an international payment system for our Independent Representatives. Hyperwallet has been providing their services to direct selling companies for over 15 years. They excel in international payment options and local currency distribution worldwide.

With Paylution Pay Portal, you can opt to be paid via direct deposit, prepaid card load, paper check, local cash pickups or any combination of these based on your personal preference. Payments are timely and efficient with its real-time wallet and card loading, giving you the ability to access your money while traveling 24/7 through web or mobile interfaces.

CLICK HERE for the "Getting Started Guide" that will give you an overview of Paylution and how easy it is to get paid through our PlanNet Paylution Portal.

CLICK HERE for your "Paylution User Guide" attached that will give you more specific information about our PlanNet payment portal and fees associated with different payment options.

The Paylution Pay Portal account is automatically created when one first enrolls as a distributor. Once the account has been created, you will receive a welcome email notifying you that your Paylution Pay Portal is ready for activation. Follow the instructions in your welcome email to activate your account. If you have any questions, please email or call Customer Support at 470-443-9330. (After setting up your account with Paylution, you can contact their Customer Service directly - this information is located in the Paylution User Guide).