PlanNet Marketing Black Business Card

Black Business Cards – stylish, sleek, professional and everybody wants them! PlanNet Marketing has been getting lots of questions about how our Reps can maximize their Black Business Card, or “Black Card” as it’s affectionately known. I thought I’d make it easy for everyone and give you a few tips and hints.

1)  These cards are for your PlanNet Marketing Rep business ONLY. Make sure any and all information you put on these cards is PlanNet Marketing related. Please don’t put your InteleTravel website address or travel agency name on your PlanNet Marketing business card. (Visit your InteleTravel Virtual Office to order business cards for your travel agency).

2)  These cards are created to be easy. We want you to have various materials you can use to promote your PlanNet business without having to worry about design or compliance. To order your Black Card, log in to your Virtual Office, enter your name and contact details, and you’re done. No uploading pictures, no thinking of catchy slogans. Simple.

3)  The cards are perfect, just as they are! It’s not that we don’t love your personal creativity, we do – believe me! But we’re asking you to reserve that creativity for other projects. The Black Card was created with you, your business, and PlanNet’s Policies and Procedures in mind. That means you can’t add anything to the back of your Black Card.

4)  Order them ASAP! Whether you’re planning to attend PlanNet Marketing’s National Convention in September or just handing these bad boys out to your friends and neighbors – you want to get your Black Card sooner than later!

For any other questions or concerns about the Black Business Card, please email  or give us a call at 470-443-9330. For compliance questions you can email me at 

~ Amanda Restivo, Manager of Compliance --
~ Policies and Procedures Section 4.2, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).