Meet PlanNet Marketing’s newest Three-Star and Founding Directors, Bernard and Cynthia Hampton. Although he made his grand entrance onto the “PlanNet” in South Carolina, Bernard was raised in sunny South Florida. Cynthia was born in Washington, DC; however, she moved multiples times with her family while her father served in the military. After graduating from high school, Cynthia relocated to Florida where she met and married Bernard. They currently reside in Miami and are the proud parents of five children: Terrell, Ashley, Aarika, Bernard Jr., and Azsha (pronounced Asia).

Bernard has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, as he purchased equipment and started his own lawn service at the ripe age of 23 years old. This endeavor involved establishing and maintaining elite clientele, acquiring and retaining employees, overseeing records/bookkeeping and the distribution of payroll. Bernard single-handedly performed all aspects of his business, while simultaneously being employed with the cities of Coral Gables and South Miami.

Cynthia has worked for the federal government for over 32 years and is currently employed as a Human Resources Officer with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida. Her previous employment includes the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), Civilian Personnel and the Bureau of Prisons.

Both Bernard and Cynthia say their greatest enjoyment is spending quality time with their loved ones, especially their beautiful grandchildren. They also enjoy line dancing, bowling, listening to music, playing Family Feud, watching movies and traveling, preferably road trips and cruising.

The Hamptons attribute their success in PlanNet Marketing to developing a fun yet educational environment for their team. They are firm believers that you must lead by example, that the best leaders are the ones who inspire others to achieve greatness each and every day, and that people are loyal to people and not titles. The Hamptons state that recruiting, training, retention and duplication are the key to building a strong and successful foundation.

Bernard and Cynthia would like to thank Donald and Deborah Bradley for their vision and mentorship, Shedrick White for his guidance and belief in them and their entire team for staying focused, plugged-in and coachable. The Hamptons live by the sayings, “A leader is only as good as its troop” and “There is no I in team.”  Bernard and Cynthia are forever grateful and honored to be a part of the PlanNet Marketing family!

The Hamptons’ Tips for Success:

  1. Discover your “why” and keep your “why” in front of you
  2. Stop fearing, doubting and complaining
  3. Commit to the system
  4. Open, change and expand your mind
  5. Read, read, read
  6. Always remain humble