New One-Star Director Jean Marc Godard was born in one of the five islands that make up the archipelago of Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante, "the island of a hundred windmills" in the French Antilles. He currently lives between Marie-Galante and Guadeloupe, while making PlanNet Marketing presentations for all of his business partners.

With a background of study in philosophy, the humanities, and the arts, Jean Marc’s work background is diverse. He worked in the school for the national education until July of this year and he has also worked in the areas of cultural associations, sports for young people with difficulty, and in the field of commercial insurance training. He was his own boss in the home construction field and has also worked as a program director for a local radio station!

He tells us, “I'm quite interested by the Afro-Caribbean culture, and quite open to different arts and traditions worldwide. However, I remain very attached to the tradition Marie-Galante, especially the food. I love my ‘bébélé,’ a dish made with tripe, plantains and beef with cane syrup (a local dish). I love traveling; it gives me a strong sense of freedom, especially by sea. I have crossed the north Caribbean, visited Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, St. Martin, Anguilla, Costa Rica and Spain. I really love the beaches of Costa Del Sol, Italy and Portugal. I often go to the Dominican Republic.

“My passions are reading, hiking, fishing, traveling and the arts. PlanNet Marketing was offered to me when I had the idea of creating a company in the field of restoration of financial independence. I immediately embraced PlanNet Marketing’s concept, and it was also for me a new source of income. I fell in love with the concept of traveling a lot in addition to the marketing network. Plus, I can do my business without relying on the banks!”

Jean Marc shares his path to success: “I already feel and see my positive progress. For more than 10 months, I did not miss one PlanNet Marketing presentation meeting. In addition, I always prepare my presentations early at home for different  local meetings. I support my upline and downline, help my team in their private presentations and remain very close to them. (Thanks to Didier and BenGelard Jackson).

“Just like in everyday life, I am determined, persistent, and very focused in everything we undertake. Therefore, success is for sure to come!  I GIVE, I SHOW THE EXAMPLE, AND I DUPLICATE PlanNet Marketing’s methods. In conclusion, as a leader, I try to guide, influence and inspire my group, so that my team members reach their goals and become financially independent.”