The PlanNet’s newest One-Star Director, Amy Uribe, is from Galveston, TX and while living there only for the past five years, she calls the island home. She shares, “I am a mom to three amazing kids - Dakota, 19, Breanna, 18, and Alison, 15. I am very proud to say that my son is a third generation military member and soon-to-be dad. My daughter, Breanna, is currently in her senior year of high school, is a member of the 4 & Free Club, and is a Bronze Builder. Alison is a sophomore and on the varsity swim team.

She continues, “Having been a member of the Air Force, young mom, and single mom, challenges were always faced and never to be backed down from. As a child, my father was a serviceman in the Air Force and we travelled extensively throughout the US and Europe. Meeting new people and making friends has allowed me to help others feel at ease when talking and takes the fear out of newness.  When I joined PlanNet Marketing, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and this opportunity allowed me to work from home and build a steady income to help support us through the "worst" of times. I am thankful to say I have hit the 90 day mark of remission and LIVE each day 100%. 

I have built my organization 98% from social media. In a technological world, social media unlocks the doors. However it's not just posting and waiting. There's a science. And learning that science has allowed me and my team to grow quickly and effectively. We remember the cardinal rule to social media. BE SOCIAL. Build relationships and nurture them! 

If there is one thing I can tell others who have just joined or are working at building their business, it is to have the vision. Make the vision of your next promotion so intense you can literally feel it and live it. I believe that when we can see our dreams so clearly that we feel, hear, and live them, then they have already happened. 

And finally, STAY PLUGGED IN! Our company's leaders are literally the best on the PlanNet! Listen to what they say and make it a part of your life and business! Get to meetings, call in, and go to Convention! What I learned in Atlanta changed my entire business! The knowledge, fellowship, and support was so amazing nothing can compare to it!

I am so thankful to PlanNet Marketing, the leaders, the support staff, and my amazing team! Without them jumping in and being the movers and shakers they are, this wouldn't have been possible! I am so excited and blessed to be a Director with PlanNet Marketing!