Meet PlanNet Marketing’s newest One-Star Director - Bea Picou! Bea tells us that she grew up in a small town in the mountains of North Carolina, but has called Birmingham, AL her home since college graduation. She spent the first half of her professional career in healthcare marketing and administration.  At age 36 she started her own billing and collections business for physicians, servicing clients all over the US.  When she turned 50, she sold her business and quickly sold herself out of a job. She states, “Thanks to the network marketing industry I found a new career and have been a student of the industry now for four years. I also teach online marketing for network marketing professionals.”
Bea continues, “I am a weekend warrior, even at age 55, but mainly on a sailboat. I race sailboats for fun and have won a few Regattas at local clubs in both large 30+ foot yachts and small dinghy class boats. But my passion for 2017 is launching my online ministry, I think 95% of people’s success in anything, and especially network marketing, is tied to their mindset. And the tools and resources needed to teach, train and change mindsets are laid out in the greatest business book ever written - the Bible. This ministry is about changing people from the inside out, creating a path to success and victory in all areas of life. It’s about overcoming fear and doubt - the greatest killers to any career, and especially network marketing that is filled with ups and downs.

I have traveled many places in my years, but of course one of my all time favorites is Disney, especially Star Wars Land (I am a Star Wars fanatic). In 2016 I did the Star Wars Half Marathon with my family. One of my most memorable trips was when a group of us from my sail club chartered a sailboat for a week in the BVIs. And since I love sailing, I just had to go to San Francisco to watch the America’s Cup live. I’ve been all over the country, Canada and Mexico.  Switzerland is my next target. I have a ton of hobbies…too many really. I think it’s good to take time out from business and rest and clear your mind - as Stephen Covey says, “sharpen your saw.” I raise bonsai trees handed down to me from my mother. I have some that are now close to 70 years old. I also play the Great Highland bagpipes!

To achieve success at PlanNet Marketing I think five things are key: 

  1. Great leadership from your upline 
  2. Always teaching and training your team
  3. Never stop recruiting, no matter what your rank
  4. Keep learning new skills and improving your current skills (this is a profession)
  5. Duplication (#s 6 through 1,000 are also duplication!)