New One-Star Directors Clayton and Kisha McGhie share that “we are a victorious, adventurous duo made in Heaven. Clayton, born in the Caribbean, and Kisha, born in the United States, met in the spring of 1993 and were married in 2000. They are parents to son Roan and have countless Godchildren. Shortly after getting married the couple acknowledged the call of God and attended Bible Seminary in 2002.

In 2007 they established Honor and Glory International Ministries and are passionately devoted to Outreach and Global missions throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Their intent is to fervently share the message of "wholeness" in every area of one’s life including spiritual (salvation), physical (health and healing), and financial (debt cancellation and financial freedom). 

Clayton and Kisha presently reside in Grand Cayman Islands where the main locations of Honor and Glory International Ministries are located. They share that they have several hobbies in common, such as horseback riding, movies, and shooting pool from time to time. They are active travelers and like meeting new people, trying culturally authentic meals from different places, and they absolutely love ministering to people from every walk of life. The McGhies consider themselves privileged to travel throughout different countries such as Honduras, Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico, and Cayman Islands to share God's "Freedom Plan" with His people. They never pass up an opportunity to pray for someone, encourage someone, and are diligent to serve in any capacity.

The McGhies recently learned about the wonderful opportunity of PlanNet Marketing while on a cruise ministering as special guest speakers in October, 2016. They quickly took action and consider PlanNet Marketing an answer to their prayers, saying it is a vehicle that can be used to assist people with achieving financial independence. They plan to expand people's knowledge of this great opportunity through every country they are sent to minister. “This amazing connection with PlanNet Marketing is helping us help people discover their full potential within the network marketing realm. As PlanNet Marketing Reps we don’t hesitate to share this opportunity with people we meet. We literally will share with anyone!  Everyone is looking for ways to save money on travel; yes even the well-to-do. We tell our Reps - don't discriminate or prejudge people. Everyone is an option and everyone deserves to hear about this opportunity.”