Q: How do I make sure I am getting emailed communications from PlanNet Marketing each week, including the PlanNetNow Blog Newsletter?

A: There are two easy ways to make sure you're getting our emails: 
1) At the bottom of any PlanNet Marketing site you will find a section labeled Newsletter. Simply enter your first and last name and your email address and click Subscribe under Newsletter Signup for a new REP account.  

2) Log in to your PlanNet Marketing site and click My Account and then Edit Account Profile. Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address and check the Opt Me In box, then click Update Profile. 

lso, if you have recently updated your email address to a new one, you will need to notify us to update all portions of our site as well. InteleTravel will need to be notified of any updates that need to occur on their site at 800-873-5353 or customerservice@inteletravel.com . If you should need assistance with this or any other updates on your PlanNet site, call support at 470-443-9330.

~LeAnn Troeckler, PlanNet Marketing Chief Operations Officer leann@plannetmarketing.com