Jamaica called, we answered, THEY DELIVERED!!  The buzz was high in anticipation of the official Jamaica launch, but we were not prepared for the excitement and energy that filled the room that night!  The room was full to overflowing as the pioneers of the Jamaican movement heard about the amazing travel business opportunity.  This included the powerful training on how to launch their business from Three-Star Director David Dacosta, who traveled all the way from the UK! 

Those attending received excellent training on the travel side of their business from Three-Star Director Eileen Ross from Atlanta, GA. A special thanks goes to PlanNet Marketing Rep Elliott George as the host, who traveled from Charlotte, NC and was amazing in helping with the guest list and the event overall. Prospects were turned into business partners and Jamaica is well on its way to being a dominant PlanNet force in the Caribbean!

Thank you to Directors Eileen Ross and David Dacosta for submitting this recap and photos.