New 20/20 Club Member Kyra Harris is originally from New Orleans and relocated to Houston, TX in 2010. She is a licensed cosmetologist and works for a beauty brand company as a sales coordinator. Kyra loves cooking, dancing, traveling, and meeting new people. She travels frequently, with recent visits to Aruba, Cancun, Jamaica, and many US cities. She says, “I actually utilized my business perks on my recent trip to Aruba and I truly enjoyed myself traveling as a business owner versus a consumer.”  

Krya continues, “I would personally like to thank my coach One-Star Director Lavonda Thorton-Bush for training/coaching me to the success level I have currently attained in this business. She has provided me with great advice and tips that I utilize quite often when training my personal team.  

“Tips I would like to provide: REMAIN COACHABLE. You will never know everything, especially when you are in an unfamiliar new industry. Network marketing is really simple once you start allowing yourself to LEARN.  Also attend the events you are qualified to attend, which are your weekly meetings, conference calls, webinars, team calls, travel parties, Super Saturdays, and most importantly, CONVENTION. This will be life-changing and help you better understand your business and product.

“I feel I have achieved success because I remained a student of the industry (as Mr. Bradley states). Read your books - it will help you, especially in the beginning stages when you receive rejection. I used to hate picking up the phone to receive constant rejection so that is when I started utilizing more of my cold market/social media (FB, Instagram etc). Once I started receiving responses and gaining business partners (who are practically my family now), it made me proud that others admired my work ethic and willingness to ensure they succeed as well.

“What I love most about this amazing business is that I learned to OWN what my strengths are. When you OWN what your strengths are, you will not give your weaknesses a chance. I love how empowered I feel to let everyone know I am an Independent Representative of PlanNet Marketing and I can offer you the opportunity to own a travel franchise and travel the world. That introduction itself speaks volumes and that is why I love my business so much.

“A fun fact about me is that I am a great voice impersonator!  Many people who have encountered this side of me truly get a kick out of seeing how well I can imitate others.”

PlanNet Marketing congratulates Kyra Harris on achieving 20/20 Club Membership!