New 20/20 Club Member Shaketta Giles was born, raised, and resides in Conyers, GA. She says, “I have an amazing 16-year-old son. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a minor in Marketing. I have found my niche. Network marketing and travel are for me!”

Shaketta tells us that she would like to travel the world. Her  bucket list consists of Egypt, Hawaii, Alaska, and Dubai and she says it’s time to get some stamps on her passport! She has been to Denver, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Boston, the Bahamas, and Miami.

When asked about achieving success at PlanNet Marketing, Shaketta shares, “I want to continue to grow my business. I am determined to be successful. I focus on my 'Why.’ Whenever I feel discouraged or become frustrated, I always revisit my 'Why.'”

Her tips for success: Duplicate, follow the PS3, remain consistent, stay close to the team, and always be willing to assist. She adds,”Stay plugged in, be coachable, follow the system set in place, always follow up with your prospects, stay committed, and remember your ‘Why!’”

PlanNet Marketing congratulates Shaketta Giles on achieving 20/20 Club Membership!