The Oklahoma weekly Thursday night meeting was absolutely amazing! The room was filled with guests and business partners.  And a special appearance by the Founder and Chairman of the Board Donald Bradley, along with Two-Star Director Melodie Washington. OKC will never be the same. March Madness will be insane!!!

The Maryland Leadership is expanding! Greg and Carla Scott were introduced as Two-Star Directors, along with sideline partners and One-Star Directors Preston and Imani Scott.

Shout out to Jackie Pickett, Lisa Jones-Hawkes, and Shakarna Chapman
on being promoted to One-Star Directors!


Fort Lauderdale, you have no idea what’s in store for you! It’s going down for real!

Super Saturday San Diego was STRONG! Love those West Coast leaders!!
The 100th Director, One-Star Director Sandra Myricks, received her Director’s jacket,
presented by her sister and Two-Star Director, Tandisizwe Rhone!

A PACKED HOUSE TODAY IN AKRON! Lives were changed!
And financial chains of poverty were broken!

This Super Saturday event was on fire!! 

Lisa Adams-Horsley:  Your training provided a deep look into the network marketing industry. Thank you!! 

One-Star Director Natalie Wilson Alexander: Love your energy, positivity and your transparency.  

One-Star Director Rachel Russell: You've opened a lot of people's eyes for those who are just getting started or haven't experienced network marketing at all. Hint hint, clue clue for all those newcomers that haven't had a lot of experience with this industry - Rachel is one to keep an eye on. 

Last but definitely not least - the Professor himself, One-Star Director Jewell Strother, Sr.: Thank you for sharing this opportunity with so many and making it clear what this opportunity can do for someone's household.
Kansas City is on FIYAAAA!!!!  I'm so excited I can't see straight!! Some powerful information is about to impact so many lives financially.  We can't keep it a secret!  

When you takeover, you need to come out swinging.  Today, Oklahoma came out and didn’t hold back.  Let’s Go Get It!


It’s going down in a major way, Super Sunday in the Black and Yellow, Pittsburgh, PA!
An AMAZING time launching Pittsburgh today!