Tisha DeShields is the founder and creator of Original Belly Works and iTravel2Luxury LLC. This accomplished mother of four conceived her idea for Original Belly Works when she was pregnant with her fourth child. Awestruck by the beauty and promise of a pregnant woman’s form, artist Tisha conceived Original Belly Works while going through a painful divorce. She realized that no gift could be more poignant than providing the expectant mother a way to preserve the splendor of pregnancy. 

After 10 years of plastering belly bumps, the market took a dive, causing a shift in the economy. Tisha realized that she needed to generate some additional income. While connecting on social media, Tisha responded to a lunch invitation that would forever change her life. New to network marketing, she merged herself into the travel industry, learning everything she could about TRAVEL. Ironically, Tisha was already traveling a lot with her family, both domestically and internationally…she just wasn't getting paid for it. Now Tisha stands as one of the Top 20 income earners of PlanNet Marketing. She exudes the image of the “successful new millennium mother and businesswoman with her creativity, grace, business savvy, and ingenuity.”

Congratulations, Tisha!