New  20/20 Club Member Dinea Mahoney was born in a small rural town in St. Mary, Jamaica. She migrated to the United States in August of 2008 as an elementary school teacher in Baltimore City, MD.  Dinea and daughter Denae’ (her WHY) currently reside in Towson, MD. She loves sports, especially playing netball, running track, and playing soccer. Dinea is currently a teacher of computer science in Baltimore County and doubles as a track and field coach there as well. 

Dinea shares, “Spending time with my family in Jamaica is very important to me, and as a result of that I take regular vacations there. I am super excited about taking my first cruise on our Carnival Seminar at Sea in the fall. Jamaicans are known for being hard workers with multiple jobs. I wanted to break that stereotype for my daughter and expose her to entrepreneurship - that is one of the many reasons I became a PlanNet Marketing Rep. I made the decision to start on October 26, 2015 with no knowledge or experience in the network marketing industry at all. It just made sense. My initial reaction to the opportunity was that the compensation plan makes sense.

“My greatest fear – being rejected – kept me from being successful in my business in the early months. After much coaching from Director Hawkes and Director Newman (Mr. Belief), my Mom, and my new PlanNet family, I was determined to win. I set goals, and if I didn’t hit, I didn’t give up. I allowed myself to be coachable. I did not give up even though I felt like it. When I felt defeated, I read, listened to motivational speakers, and placed my WHY in front of me. One thing for sure, I never missed any event that I could attend. I must say that my growth and development in this organization is a result of the commitment to reach my goal. I must give credit to my mentor Director Hawkes’ relentless and unchanging will to see me succeed. I am very grateful for her leadership.”