PlanNet Marketing is proud to recognize Phyllis Collins as the newest member of the prestigious 20/20 Club. She tells us that as a single parent of two, with a son, 5, and a daughter, 2. She was born in Amarillo, TX and has lived in Houston for the past 13 years. Phyllis loves to travel and experience new things, enjoys helping people in the community and spending time with her family.

She relates, “I’ve been with the company since July 2016; this was my first time in network marketing. I knew nothing about the travel industry except the fact that I traveled and wanted to save on my own travel. On the marketing side, I’ve met some awesome leaders along the way who have helped me get to the next level. I’ve learned that you do not have to re-invent the wheel; there is a system in place, and once you actually plug into that system, you will be successful.”

To new people joining our company, she offers this great advice: 
 Work on personal development
➤  Be willing to invest time
➤  Always be coachable and teachable
➤  Stay plugged in
➤  Never miss an event that you qualify to attend
➤  Follow the PS3
➤  Always remember to follow up – keep a calendar and notes

PlanNet Marketing congratulates Phyllis Collins on achieving 20/20 Club Membership!