Welcome to the 20/20 Club Uchechi Tarver! Uchechi was born to Nigerian parents and grew up in New Jersey. She is a development fundraising professional who lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters. She says, “Among many interests such as gardening (I'm a bit of a green thumb), indoor cycling, and philanthropy (I sit on a few Boards and give my time to many non-profit causes), I love to travel. I have been traveling the world since birth (thanks to my parents) and decided to give my kids the same experiences when I grew older. My husband and I began investing in timeshares and created a pretty healthy passive income renting out our timeshares when not in use. In fact, our following has grown to about 16,000 active renters, and I now manage a large travel group, where I not only post my available rentals, but also teach other timeshare owners how to maximize their ownership and rent out their unused weeks. A fun fact about myself - I eat sushi every day…I'm obsessed and eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The money I make from the travel business affords me this luxury!”

She continues, “I came across PlanNet Marketing as I realized I was not able to fulfill many of my travel requests.  Many of my followers' requests needed other components for which I had no access (ie: flights, theme park tickets, car rentals). I realized I was leaving money on the table…and so were my fellow travel partners. After doing much research, PlanNet Marketing stood out as the obvious choice for an addition to my portfolio. Not only could I add the component of an Independent Travel Agent to my list of skill sets, but I was also able to help other passionate travelers run a home-based travel business where they essentially get paid to travel.” 

Uchechi tells us that her success with PlanNet Marketing is incredibly easy as there is not much to sell! She is simply showing people how to create a healthy income doing what they love. “It's a numbers game. My results are directly proportionate to my activity. Out of every 100 people I tell about this incredible opportunity, maybe 1-2 will see the value and jump on the opportunity. So I make a weekly goal to post about passion/success/opportunity in seven online blogs per week.”