PlanNet Marketing’s new 20/20 Club member, Sonya Barnes, relates, “I’m originally from a small but proud agricultural community known as Belle Glade, FL, located in the sunny southern part of the state. I just recently moved from Jacksonville, FL in the north to my new home state of Maryland! I'm a mother of three wonderful children, wife of a loving husband, and an educator pursuing my Doctorate degree while working this business on a part-time basis. Now that I have access to a limitless amount of travel opportunities through this business, I will be going on more vacations like the 8-day/7-night Hawaiian vacation my hubby and I have experienced, as well as more international family vacations with the kids!

I attribute my success in PlanNet Marketing to consistently remembering my WHYs, which are my children, especially my son who has non-verbal autism. He gives me the determination and drive to achieve all of my goals. I am determined to use this vehicle so that I can have the time and freedom to be more accessible for him. Also, I continuously share this opportunity daily with the people that I encounter, whether it’s via social media, in the doctor’s office, in the mall, or at the local grocery store! Any time or any place is as great as any to share this life-changing opportunity, offering other families the chance for personal freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. Consistency is key!
My short-term goal is to help all of the wonderful ladies who have joined me on this journey to build their businesses and reach their goals. Moreover, my long-term goal is to use the income from this business to establish my own school for children with autism and other disabilities. Focusing on my Whys will help me accomplish this goal and all other endeavors in my travel business. I’m over the moon about this business and so grateful for this opportunity in travel.”