New 20/20 Club member Tribel “Bell” Nickerson is originally from Portsmouth, VA and now resides in Lithonia, GA. Tribel shares that she was on a flight to Atlanta from Washington, DC and the lady next to her was on her way to the first PlanNet Marketing convention at the Marriott in Atlanta. The woman invited Tribel to come and take a look at the business opportunity and she did! When she arrived she saw the culture, the leadership, and the excitement and knew she could not be left out.
She says, “What has gotten me to the point of reaching the 20/20 Club is the powerful system that PlanNet Marketing has put in place. The average person can simply follow the blueprint and achieve greatness, and since I am already a competitive person, it just aligned with who I am. My knowledge of the travel business helped me to propel myself to this level, which is only a pitstop for me in my journey to Directorship. I have allowed my coaches to coach me and I have stayed in a position of being coachable so one day I too could be a coach and give to others what was given to me.”

“I definitely want to live in my purpose and that is to help women across the globe to live a better quality of life and recognize they can create their own destiny without waiting on their knight in shining armor to arrive! I want to help people create the life they've always dreamed about. You can achieve that if you're willing to take the ball and run with it. When I'm able to help families live a better quality of life, that is probably the most enriching feeling that I get, because when I’ve given people the opportunity to live a better life, it is rewarding.”
“So this honor and acknowledgement from PlanNet Marketing of being 20/20 is one that I appreciate. There are so many more families that need my help and support to move from embracing and settling for average to really living in the true abundance of who they were born to be. And it may be that the words I am going to share will unlock that greatness within them.”