Welcome to the 20/20 Club, Jimease Bailey! Jimease was born, raised, and resides in in Jersey City, NJ. She tells us that she is a “city church gal who enjoys singing, listening to gospel music, reading a good book, baking, and spending time with my family. Besides going to Jamaica, my travel experiences were limited to vacations on the East Coast. However, since becoming a part of PlanNet Marketing, I have branched out and have visited many other time zones!”
Jimease shares how she has achieved success: “The success I have accomplished so far with PlanNet Marketing is credited to "copying the right cat.” Once I was told that in order to obtain success in this business I had to follow the plan that was already in place, I did just that. I did not recreate the wheel.  I just followed what my mentors, coaches, and Directors Kenny and Natalie Graham did and they told me what I needed to do. Even though they live in Atlanta, I stay connected with them via phone calls, Facebook, text messages and video conferences. Here in New Jersey, I plug into my meetings where I connect with Director Eric Hawkins and he guides and coaches me as well. Wherever I went and talked to various PlanNet leaders, I kept getting the same advice - to stay plugged-in, be consistent, and always increase and do more of what is working. So I attend the meetings, listen to the conference calls, attend special events, and share this amazing opportunity with more and more people daily.

 “I never imagined my life shifting as it has done in the past year. I have a Master's Degree in Psychology, have been counseling for nearly 15 years, and thought that was it for my life. Now look at me! With no experience in network marketing, I have accomplished various levels in the business and I'm just getting started! All glory goes to God! You see, you can have your own game plan, but God's plan can intercept to redirect your life. I keep God as my guide, my source and my everything. I trust Him with this change of direction in life and it has been a blessing thus far.
“Since being a part of PlanNet Marketing, I've met so many awesome people who have become family, traveled more, and now have a promising future and an inheritance to leave to my children's children. I'm thankful to my husband - my "Bae" - Jay Bailey; my children - Rosiland, Tiffany, Jehmese, and Jehkai;  and my mom, Rosiland for supporting me in this life shift. I'm grateful to Mr. Donald Bradley for pushing fear aside and following through with the PlanNet vision. Lastly, I'm honored to have a great team who have entrusted me to help them win for their families as well.”