New 20/20 Club member Katina Pickens was born and raised in Waxahachie, TX. She is the sixth of nine children, having five sisters and three brothers, “raised by a strong, loving, caring, and God-fearing mother who is 73 years old.” Katina has lived in Oklahoma for the past 24 years, now living in Ardmore with her fiancé  Donnie Willis, Jr. She is the mother of daughter, Ashley, and son, Keyon, and the grandmother of two gorgeous little granddaughters - Paris, 11 months and Jewel, 8 months old.
Katina tells us, “I absolutely love spending time with my family, I love cooking, and love traveling with a passion. I am very warm-natured so of course I love the beach, ocean, and warm sun - anything tropical. Over the past years I have traveled to Cozumel, Cancun, Jamaica, and Clearwater Beach, FL. I have also been to Las Vegas, Atlanta, and New Orleans several times because I love the food and the atmosphere. I would love to travel more and experience other cultures in different countries.
“That is one of the reasons I joined this business -  to travel more and earn more. I am driven to succeed so that I can retire from my 18-year job in corporate America, and even with three degrees I never seem to move up. My WHY is huge enough to keep me motivated every day to stay plugged in on calls, attend meetings, promote launch events, and work on my personal development, which is reading 30 minutes or more every day (Go Pro, Building an Empire, and The Slight Edge). You have to be coachable, consistent, and have knowledge about both of your businesses. It’s not about me, it’s about how I can help someone else. 20/20 is just another level and I am running to the next level!”