Welcome to the 20/20 Club Natisha McCarver! Natisha grew up as a military kid (her father served in the U.S. Army for 28 years) and she has lived all over the world. When her father retired, the family moved to Monroe, NC to be near other family members. She has lived in Charlotte, NC for over 20 years, and has been happily married to One-Star Director Anthony McCarver for five years!

Natisha tells us, “I enjoy meeting people, building my business, being able to see the world with my husband, attending comedy shows, and watching gymnastics and professional boxing matches. I love all genres of music. I enjoy dancing, singing, and laughing with family and friends. I was blessed to see different parts of Europe and the United States growing up, that I still reflect back on often. As an adult I have been fortunate to vacation to Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Florida, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. I have added many other places to my bucket list, now that I'm a Travel Business owner!

“I love being able to share something of value and benefit to others all over the world to increase their experiences, their memories, and to find their needed freedoms. I am achieving success by learning from the amazing leadership we have within PlanNet Marketing, and using the 3 step system (PS3): Pique, Show Plan, and 3 Way Call. I can't stress how important plugging in is, and attending any and all events you qualify to attend. It is PRICELESS!!