New One-Star Director Kyra Harris is originally from New Orleans, LA and relocated to Houston, TX in 2010 for a change of scenery and to start a new chapter in her life. She is a licensed cosmetologist and works for a beauty brand company as an international sales coordinator. She relates, “I love anything where it involves me expressing my personality. A few of my interests/hobbies are going to the movies, styling hair, shopping, attending cultural events, networking, and dancing. I love to travel and have been to many US states and Caribbean islands/South American countries. My future plans for 2018 are to visit South Africa and the UK (including outlying European countries).

“A fun fact about myself is that I wanted to be a singer. When I was younger I sung for many events: Mardi Gras balls, cotillions, Christmas plays, many solos for my school masses, etc.  I was even offered a contract after performing on stage at a local community event.

“I am achieving success within PlanNet Marketing by remaining COACHABLE!  When I ask my coach to critique me, I genuinely want to be critiqued accordingly. We learn by what our mentors tell us needs to be polished, and I am the individual who takes all advice and executes it. When the clock struck 12:30 AM on August 5, I was down to my last signup. I didn't think it was going to happen and got semi-discouraged. I looked up and said ‘Come on, God’ and before I could close my mouth my phone went DING. I'm just glad to know that it was all in God's favor and timing. That night will forever be memorable!

“My advice:  "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE PS3 SYSTEM."  This system has helped me out tremendously, especially if I am meeting individuals online. It allows me to build a personal relationship and also allows them to meet others who have success within the business. The way I achieved success is to ALWAYS stay plugged in - Monday motivation calls, team calls, Sunday calls, orientation calls, local meeting events, etc. There are so many outlets to plug into that you can utilize!