New 20/20 Club Member Arien Ragster is from Shreveport, LA and currently resides there. She tells us that her interests are meeting and helping new people and spending time with her family. Arien has studied abroad in Beijing, Suzhou, and Shanghai, China while pursuing her MBA from Texas Southern University to learn about international companies and the global complexities between domestic and foreign trade.

She says, “I believe the greatest way to achieve success is to build rapport with your prospects and business partners, stay plugged into the calls, expose as many people to the business, and take full advantage of the PS3 system. I stay close to my Directors, Lynn Hendricks, Gregory Scott, and Orlanda Moore. When they share a play, I know to do it. I believe that you should surround yourself with people who inspire you to dream bigger. Directors Hendricks, Scott, and Moore have been nothing short of a blessing to my life, my family, and my business!”

“I joined PlanNet Marketing because I'm engaged to be married and this business has helped me to not only help fund my wedding and go on a honeymoon for pennies on the dollar, but also make multiple streams of income on a part-time basis and have the opportunity to leave generational wealth for my children.”