New 20/20 Club member Shahiem R. Grant is a native of Queens, NY, the son of Karen Morris and Mitchell Grant. He graduated in 1992 from Thomas A. Edison Tech/Voc High School in Queens. He is a military veteran, having served in the United States Army for five years. His active duty assignments consisted of Baumholder, Germany (1997 - 2000) and Ft. Stewart, GA (2000 - 2001), where he served as a 13B, Field Artilleryman. Since April of 2006, he has resided in Baton Rouge, LA,  going there to work for FEMA after Hurricane Katrina. In 2009, he embarked on a law enforcement career with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department, where he currently holds the rank of Sergeant. Shahiem is the proud father of four wonderful children (three boys and one girl ages 18 to three years!) and they keep him motivated and always on the go.  Some fun facts: “I am afraid of heights, I have 17 tattoos and counting, secretly I'm a nerd, an avid boxing enthusiast, and history and math were my strong points in school, I like classical music.”

Shahiem tells us, “My interests vary in life yet I stay true to the "gym life.” The gym has been a pivotal point in my life since my days in the military. With my current profession it's important to have a healthy lifestyle and some form of physical training to keep me prepared for any situation. I also enjoy cooking, am a huge movie buff, and since embarking on this journey with PlanNet Marketing, reading has played a major part in my daily activities.” 

He continues, “My earliest recollection of traveling was traveling from New York to visit family in Philadelphia. It was easy to jump on ‘Peter Pan’ or ‘Greyhound’ to escape for the weekend. My mother always wanted me to understand the value of being part of your neighborhood but never being part of your circumstances. I was also afforded the chance at a young age to fly every other summer to visit my Uncle Butch and cousins in Houston, TX. Upon entering the army, Germany was my first duty assignment and the culture shock was a great experience. From the food, to the language, to the scenery and driving on the AutoBahn, it opened my eyes to want to travel more. While in Germany I had the great opportunity to visit Spain. Being able to stand in front of the Great Cathedral, visit the Coliseum and walk the path to where they recently had the ‘running of the bulls’ was truly a great experience. 

“My success comes from many failures and plenty of ‘No's.’ I was the new guy coming in trying to reinvent the wheel, knowing this is my first time as a network marketer. I began to reach out to my upline who were always there with encouraging words and advice. I began to get plugged in to the weekly calls, the morning calls, and understanding that in network marketing it's truly a numbers game. I became comfortable with being uncomfortable. I'm really a shy person who stays to himself (only child syndrome lol), yet in order to succeed I had to speak more and be more visible to folks who were looking for this opportunity. Remaining coachable and teachable by Mrs. Tanisha Burke, Mr. Gregory Scott and Mr. Orlanda Moore and allowing my pride to be put to the side in order to be successful is the reason for it all.

“Success on this journey is not about being the swiftest; it's not about the number of friends you have on social media or in life. It's about ‘can you be influential.’ Can you build a rapport with someone and in return have that person trust you enough to guide them on their own journey to success? Each day learn something new, remain coachable, read or listen to something inspirational that will allow you to inspire others.”