Welcome new 20/20 Club member Cienia Railey, who was born in Harlem, NY, and raised in Jamaica, Queens with her older brother, Louis, Jr., by parents Louis and Edna Railey. She tells us, “I am a single mom to my handsome, charismatic 16-year-old son, Jaseer Greenidge, and a beautiful, intelligent and witty 14-year-old daughter, Zaniya Greenidge. We currently reside in Space Coast, Florida where I continue my career in the healthcare field. My passion for people has kept me in the medical field and my transition into the travel and marketing industry has truly been an added bonus. I have had the pleasure of traveling to various states within the U.S. and a few Caribbean islands.

“Since partnering with PlanNet Marketing, I have achieved things that I could have never imagined. The leadership and support of our partners are second to none and have truly shown me the great things that can be accomplished when we are on one accord with a common goal. The main things that have helped me gain success are my determination to obtain the tools and skills that it takes to be successful in this business; my willingness to allow others to help me…knowing that I cannot do it alone and knowing when to lean and call on others for assistance; and being humble enough to admit and understand that I do not know everything and that I can learn a great deal from each and every person in our amazing organization. Once I am given the information needed to advance my success, the next very important thing is to execute! Knowledge is power when you put it into action.

“I am a person who loves to laugh, have fun, enjoy the company of good people...and I am a foodie. I will bust out in song at any point in time and enjoy putting smiles on other people's faces. I am eternally grateful to my sponsor, Charmaine "Camet" Turner, for introducing me to this amazing business and blessed beyond measure to have the amazing team that I have. They are truly a team of champions and are very much the reason why I have gained the success that I have today. I salute you all!”