One of PlanNet Marketing’s newest One-Star Directors is Shaketta Giles, from Conyers, GA. She tells us that her travel experiences consist of the Bahamas, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Florida, and Colorado. She looks forward to traveling internationally in 2018.

Shaketta shares that she has always been interested in helping other people. It gives her joy to know that she has helped someone achieve their goals and/or improve their current circumstances.

Shaketta relates, “ am truly thankful for PlanNet Marketing. I have been successful within PlanNet Marketing by following the system; it works!! Do not change the system or deviate from the system -  it will only minimize your success. Remain coachable, listen to your upline, and definitely plug in. Each time I plug in I learn something new to help grow my business and to become a better leader. I continue to practice duplication and remain consistent.

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