PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Crystal and Cedric Owens to the 20/20 Club! Crystal shares, “Cedric and I met while attending FAMU obtaining our Doctorate of Pharmacy degrees. Cedric was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and I am from Louisville, KY - we’re a match made in heaven! After graduating we relocated to Louisville, where we both work as healthcare executives, raise five-year-old twins, and spend a lot of time with various youth mentoring organizations. We truly believe in growing the next generation of leaders. We both enjoy spending time with family and friends, we LOVE traveling, and building a secure financial future for generations to come. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of traveling to St. Lucia, Italy, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Greece, Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, as well as several places within the U.S. We have since realized that nothing beats traveling as a travel business owner! Success with this business doesn’t come without work.

“We believe the following has led to our success so far:

  • Being fearless, believing in ourselves, and being willing to learn as we grow (you won’t know everything on day one).

  • Staying connected to our mentors, coaches, and plugging in to the plethora of trainings offered by the best company on the PlanNet.

  • Working together as a team and leveraging our individual strengths. (I’m a GREEN/YELLOW blend, and he is a RED!!!)

  • Leading our team by example and having frequent communication to help them achieve their goals.

“One fun fact about us is that starting this business has been a new adventure; we have grown closer by using our “free time” to work our business. We have a goal of visiting all 50 states, as well as over 100 countries during our lifetime. We look forward to planning more travel adventures for clients as well as our young family.”