PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Windy Morgan to the 20/20 Club! Windy tells us, “I currently reside in Westerville, OH and was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. My family didn't have much but there was a lot of love, which made up for anything lacking. When I graduated from school I went straight to work in the communications arena. I prayed to God that I would never be broke or on welfare in my adult life. So I excelled in everything I did, no matter how hard it was to do. My efforts paid off because I was able to assist my aunt and uncle who raised me until their deaths with their finances while maintaining my family miles away. I lost my way for awhile when my daughter passed away, but God helped me find my way helping others.

“I wanted to learn from someone how to be successful, so I talked with a millionaire who told me and showed me what it would onto the next venture. I walked away from corporate America and started my own communications company, which after finishing my contract with a major vendor, I closed down after 12 consecutive successful years. I was an avid traveler during those years and I have been to 49 states with Hawaii being the missing link.

“Then I ran into Paulette Miller who had previously tried to show me PlanNet Marketing before I was ready, and it actually took me over a year to tell her that I was ready. I was fortunate enough to see a presentation with Director Bob Morant and Shedrick White, and two days later I went to Akron and was introduced to Mr. Bradley. At that point I made the decision to join the company.

“My vision for PlanNet Marketing is to attain Directorship at all the levels I can before my time on earth is up. Also, making 20/20 is just a stepping stone - following the system that is in place helps me to keep my focus and teach others to do the same.

“My hobbies are motorcycle riding and shooting pool. I will always give back to my community, family, team and God.”