Meet the PlanNet’s newest Three-Star Directors, Gregory and Carla Scott. Gregory is originally from Washington, DC, while Carla was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They currently reside in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, which is right outside of Washington, DC.

Gregory enjoys physical fitness, playing golf, reading, traveling, and time with the family. He also has a heart of service when it comes to Christian ministry. He serves as an Associate Minister at his church, where he has been a leader in the Men's Ministry and served as the lead instructor for the church’s Ministers In Training Program.

Outside of traveling and creating the experience of a lifetime for her travel clients, Carla is active in her church, enjoys community service, shopping, reading, and spending time with friends and family.  

Gregory and Carla have enjoyed numerous travel experiences since they initially started in the industry. They have traveled throughout various states, Jamaica, Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The most enjoyable trip for them was to Punta Cana where they were treated like royalty at the Breathless Resort. Gregory is always going to make it a priority wherever they go to evaluate the golf course in the area to make sure that they meet the standards of their future clients!  

Gregory and Carla stated that they have achieved Director success in PlanNet Marketing by staying plugged in to the system that is already in place and by remaining coachable at every level. They go on to say that “Some people may think that when they hit One-Star Directorship that they just need to continue to do the same thing on the journey to Two-Star, Three-Star, and beyond. The fact of the matter is the coaching required to get you to each level of Directorship requires a different formula. There are adjustments that must be made at every level of promotion in order to advance. There is a different level of focus that is needed to lead one's team, because it is paramount that you are continuing to push and pull your team to their next level of promotion.”  

Gregory relatesthat personal development is extremely important! Reading is a major component that will add to your success. Books on personal development have helped him understand that the battle toward success in anything starts in the mind. He concludes that when you overcome that voice inside that tries to tell you that you can't do something, that is when you can truly head toward your destiny in life and in business.

One way that Gregory and Carla say that you can achieve success in this industry is making sure that you are investing in your team. This is about putting people before profit! It is a huge responsibility for them to lead a team of over 500 people that is fast approaching 1,000 team members! They never take for granted the lives and the investments that people have made with the hopes of having a successful business. They are humbled to be seasoned veterans of the industry who are given the task daily of helping to develop new business partners into future leaders of the company. Over the years in business, they have understood that life is going to happen to everyone. When people feel that you genuinely care about them during the challenging times of their lives, they will become committed to you as you help them fulfill their dreams.

Gregory and Carla Scott remain humble and committed servants along with all of the other top leaders in PlanNet Marketing who strive daily to create a true legacy company for generations to come.