Takeya is from Columbia SC, a former “military brat” with deep roots in South Carolina and Georgia. Her interests are music, reading, dancing, singing, arts, and crafts

Takeya tells us, “As for travel experiences, being a military brat and moving every few years, I always looked forward to meeting new people and learning new things. We have lived in Germany, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Washington State, and Texas.

“Success comes from taking advantage of social media and travel parties. It is important to know the presentation inside and out - it helps that you master the compensation plan as well.”

Keymone is from Columbia, SC with interests of investing in the stock market, starting new businesses, and helping other people achieve success. He says, “I've enjoyed success much faster due to our team of entrepreneurs.

“I've traveled all up the eastern seaboard, to Las Vegas, Florida, and California as well, and I always seem to find myself in Atlanta! I have just booked a trip to Paris for my birthday on March 29th!

“I'm achieving success at PlanNet by simply sharing the opportunity with everyone that I meet and having a lot of confidence when I speak, so they get those vibes from me.  I feel like anyone who is connected to me will win, because I'm going to win and never quit.

“A fun fact is that I never expected to grow a team in this business. I thought I was going to book a lot of travel, but God has other plans, so I'm going to follow Him as He guides me.”