1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born in Los Angeles, CA but moved to St. Louis, MO, at the age of two. I returned to southern California at 10 years old. Erick was born in Jackson, MS, and moved to southern California at the age of two. We currently reside in Upland, CA, which is approximately 40 miles east of Los Angeles. We have two daughters, Ericka (age 32) and Déja (age 20). I love to shop, eat, and travel. I resigned from corporate America almost 19 ½ years ago to be the full-time caregiver for Déja, who has special needs. I am a lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., where public service is one of the main focuses. I have been a member for over 31 years. Erick retired from law enforcement almost six years ago. He is a published author of three books and a television and film writer. We began in the network marketing industry 12 years ago, with travel as our only vehicle of choice.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
PlanNet Marketing has allowed us to become more business-minded and more responsible in the arena of finances. We feel honored to be in a position to be a blessing to friends, family, and business partners, not only financially, but as mentors and life coaches. I contribute my overall growth and personal development to the fact that I have been a part of the industry for the past twelve years. It has helped me with my fear of rejection and helped me become more flexible. We have become even more passionate about self-development since being under Mr. Bradley’s mentorship years ago.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
We are driven by our desire to please God first (Matthew 6:33)! Then, we are motivated to be the best lifetime partner to each other and provide a stable future for our children.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
I admire my mother, who raised me by herself. I remember how hard she worked to achieve several promotions, which allowed her to provide all of my needs and many of my wants. I have always admired my mother’s work ethic, sweet spirit, and willingness to help others. Erick’s role model was his dad. He was a man of integrity, who always taught Erick to be the best at whatever he chose to be in life. Mr. Donald Bradley has been such a special part of our lives since we met him in our first company. He and his wife, Deborah, have been a true blessing to us in so many ways. We are so thankful for our relationship with this power couple who are changing lives across the world. Donald Bradley has mentored us and poured into us since day one. His word is bond, coupled by his integrity and business savvy, which has clearly placed him as a leading role model in our lives.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
We are Dedicated, Loyal, and Committed in everything that we do! We are proud to be an integral part of the PlanNet Marketing family.

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
We urge others to stay completely focused on their individual journey, and to never, ever give up.

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
Our goal is to become debt-free, which will ultimately lead to our financial, personal, and time freedom! In the next five years, we also plan to be at least Five-Star Directors, with at least 20 Directors at various levels.