Meet one of the PlanNet’s newest Directors, Kendra Bennett. Kendra was born in Stamford, CT and.grew up on St. Helena Island, SC. She currently lives in Columbia (Irmo), SC.
Kendra tells us, “I have recently been coined a Travel Ambassador. I absolutely love to travel and love teaching others how to maximize their potential in the travel industry. I have a bucket list of places I have always longed to visit within the next few years. This list includes London, Dubai, France, and Africa. So far this business opportunity has allowed me to scratch London off of my bucket list.
“I’ve been in the industry a little over two years. I am having a great time booking travel, sharing this amazing opportunity and having lots of fun while doing it. I take pride in sharing this opportunity as a part of my ministry, helping to change and impact lives, one family at a time. 

“As far as my success is concerned, I have to give credit to my phenomenal leadership team, who have spent selfless hours pouring into me, as well as my dynamic team who continues to help change the lives of others. They have taught me to stay plugged in and stay focused. Furthermore, this opportunity has made me focus more on keeping my head, heels and standards high! I am so thankful to be a part of such a sophisticated organization. Each day it becomes more evident that the best is yet to come. I am definitely in it to win it!
“If I could give any advice today, it would be to stay plugged in, stay focused, and stay the course. Stop focusing on your sideline and focus on the finish line. Become a student of the industry - ‘Can all you get’ and ‘Get all you can.’” 
Kendra earned a BS Degree in Marketing from South Carolina State, Associate in Arts in Health Science from Midlands Technical College, and is also a graduate of Morris College Ministerial Extension Program. Licensed and ordained, she currently serves as an Associate Minister at First Nazareth Baptist Church, Columbia, SC. She is a Diamond Life Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She concludes, “I love to travel. I am married to Colonel Curtis Bennett, US Army Retired, and I have one daughter, Michaela Alexus, who is also in the business and has achieved Gold Builder status.”