PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Jessica Veal to the 20/20 Club! Jessica shares, “I am so excited and amazed about this major accomplishment! I am from Woodville, MS, which is located near the Louisiana state line. My interests are living like no one else, so later my family and I can really live like no one else! I am focused on my goals and dreams. Striving for excellence is my passion, and I know my passion will write my paycheck, The paycheck will afford my family to live an abundant life.

“This is just the beginning, and I will never mistake the beginning for the end. I love the world of travel. I would rather my children experience the world of travel and not just read about the world of travel. My overall tip is to stay humble and coachable at all times. The way I achieved my success was staying plugged in, trusting the process, and listening and running the play my senior business partner, Mrs. Sonia O'Banner Jackson and her husband, Todd Jackson, called. We are in business together but we consider each other family. It's a beautiful thing to meet a stranger who is concerned about you as if you were their own family. To achieve this success within six to seven months was just by staying consistent, persistent, and not making excuses, but only adjustments.”