PlanNet Marketing congratulates Donna Susor on achieving One-Star Director! Donna is from Toledo, OH. She says she loves to work out - being healthy is important to her. “I want to live a longer life. Working out gives me the energy to work all day and helps me look good. I love personal development. Always keep a positive mind. I love to dance and sing karaoke. I love hanging out with family; I am one of six kids. We live close enough to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Fun fact - I love summer! Would like this weather every day. 
“I have traveled to Las Vegas, Cancun, New York, Florida, Chicago, California, Punta Cana, and Bahamas.
“I am coachable, plug into all training calls and go to events in the area. I've been to all Conventions, which has helped my business to be successful. Plugging in helps take our business to the next level.”