Welcome to the PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club, Tonya Parker Fullwood! Tonya was born and raised in Washington, DC and currently resides in Upper Marlboro, MD. She enjoys family time, cooking, singing, and music…“it frees my soul!” Tonya is a social worker who loves helping others go from a place of vulnerability to self-sufficiency and abundance. 

Tonya tells us, “I love to travel and have a strong passion to do more of it!  I have been fortunate enough to vacation to Bermuda, Jamaica, several times to the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. My Dad was an avid fisherman, so I grew up fishing at the piers on East Coast beaches. I still enjoy it today!” 

She says that she has achieved success in PlanNet Marketing because “I remain persistent in my daily income producing activity and follow up, and am I not emotionally attached to the outcome. I continue to raise my lid and be a better leader than I was yesterday. Today, people are joining my business who I prospected two to three years ago. I am on a mission to rescue, restore, and eliminate residual lack, not just for my family but others who want the same.  

“A fun fact about me - my most memorable childhood event was in 8th grade, playing the role of Maria in the Sound of Music. I love to laugh and enjoy the company of free spirited, genuine people. My dream home is in Fort Lauderdale, FL, on the beach with the access and options to anything that I choose…oh and food…glorious food!”