PlanNet Marketing congratulates new One-Star Director Lawanda Baker, who is a native of Jackson, TN, works in Birmingham and currently resides in Alabaster, Alabama.

An award-winning graphic designer, Lawanda is the epitome of art, saying, “I love art and all things creative.” Her artistic appetite only enhanced her love to explore. Being a travel business owner has allowed her to fulfill a lifelong dream - Lawanda and her daughter Laila traveled to Paris and the south of France for two weeks. Of course that is only the beginning, and they are excited to experience what the rest of the world has to offer.

“This is my first network marketing venture. I am having success and have gained an appreciation for an industry that I never thought I would find myself a part of.” Through exercising the tenets of network marketing, Lawanda has learned to achieve success by simply staying plugged in and remaining coachable. Though she is still very much a student of the industry and has many levels to reach, she eagerly and humbly shares a few tips she has learned along the way.

“Become a sponge; absorb everything you hear and see.  COPY your leader and their work patterns; DECIDE that you will become successful. Leaders are not born, they simply decide to lead, so make the decision and DO. And once you have made that decision, position yourself to be groomed into the best leadership version of yourself! My Coach, Mr. Moore, tells us that in order to function at a high level of leadership, you must not only coach, train and develop your team, but YOU must be OPEN to being coached, trained, and developed as well. Last but not least, never give up -  STICK and STAY!

“Here’s a fun fact:  When I first had the opportunity to actually meet Mr. Bradley, I was a proud Bronze Builder! I had been attending events and watching the leaders. I asked him to hold me accountable to ranking up by agreeing to take a selfie/picture with me at every level. At that time my vision was limited to becoming a Gold Builder. I was SUPER proud to take my One-Star selfie and my vision has expanded! So, Mr. Bradley…I am looking forward to a LOT more selfies in our future!