PlanNet Marketing congratulates Yolanda Bennett for achieving One-Star Director! Yolanda was born and raised in Newark, NY by her dearly loved grandmother, who was her first mentor and role model for strength, courage, and consistency. 

Yolanda tells us, “My interests are exploring new places and foods around the world, reading, and spending time with my two beautiful daughters. I have been to Jamaica, Bahamas, and Dominican Republic, but since becoming a travel business owner, my bucket list has expanded twofold.” 

Yolanda shares these tips for her success,“I highly encourage everyone to stick to the system and always remain coachable. These two and a half years have been a process of growth and learning this profession of network marketing. You are going to experience the growing pains but it’s so worth it because the end result is freedom from all the struggles that made you launch your business in the first place. There isn’t anything else out there that will position you to free your family and leave a will vs. a bill for your family. Stick and stay and you will receive your pay.”

When asked about achieving success quickly, Yolanda says, “I wouldn’t say two and a half years was quick, but I will say it’s a short timeframe to work to give yourself a minimum $12K raise that will continue to grow “residually” as long as you focus on helping others. When you help people you are blessed by default.”
Fun fact: “Most people don’t know this about me, but I don’t love being the center of attention although I’m a social butterfly. I enjoy helping others but I’d rather do it from behind the”