PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome David Felgar to the 20/20 Club! David is originally from Findlay, OH and has lived most of his life in a small town called McComb, OH.

David tells us, “I have MANY interests but a lot revolve around the fact that I love the thrill of competition. Whether it be softball, golf, basketball, or even backyard BBQ lawn games like cornhole, I'm in it to win it! Thankfully that same passion and drive has transitioned into my business as well. I have four children, three girls and one boy, whom I absolutely LOVE to watch learn new things and grow as individuals. I have always had an interest in traveling anywhere the good Lord saw fit for me to go, but previously never knew exactly how I was going to make that happen on a regular basis. 

“My experiences with travel have been limited in the past to visiting Myrtle Beach every so often, trips to Florida to visit family in and around Orlando, and a few trips to my favorite music venue down in Nashville, TN. Just since joining PlanNet, I've been able to go to places that most would not bat an eye at, but I'm truly grateful it has provided me the opportunity. Las Vegas, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Fort Lauderdale have truly left a lasting impression on my heart and will never be forgotten.

“The success I've achieved comes down to staying consistent with my business day in and day out. Since I work a more than full time job as well as having four children to raise, I know I need to be deliberate with my time and stay focused on doing income-producing activities. It all comes down to making corrections and adjustments. The leadership in this company has helped shape me not only as a strong businessman, but as a better man all around. Personal development is critical to your success.

“A fun fact I enjoy sharing with others is that I was a part of a national performing group that sang and danced in the 2003 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Not only did we get to be the opening act for the day, we had the subway shut down for us, and were taken back to the start of the parade route to bring up the tail end behind THE Santa Claus!”