PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome KJ Anderson to the 20/20 club! KJ was born in New York and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, even though he spends the majority of his time in mainland, urban communities serving the members of his non-profit. Currently serving as the Dean of the School of Success, KJ's main focus is centered on positioning Urban Entrepreneur’s Success University as a conduit that will inspire and impact the lives of over a million urban teenagers every year. The objective is to encourage teens to begin planning for and expecting success in their futures. As an advocate for entrepreneurism, KJ recognizes the power of urban entrepreneurship as the most effective, consistent, and substantial method of economic and sustainable growth within communities he serves. Therefore, partnering with PlanNet Marketing was a no-brainer because the company’s core values and principles align with everything that KJ believes in.

KJ tells us that initially he didn’t achieve immediate success in Plannet Marketing due to thinking he knew it all. The turning point for him came when he realized the true definition of humility as recognizing that someone has something you don’t and humbling yourself to learn from them so that you can learn how to achieve it. Mr. Bradley spoke something into KJ’s life one day and it made him realize he had to table his ego and get to work. Since then he has become a stickler of the system. He wrote his list, contacted and invited them, worked the PS3, and then invited his prospects to a live event. The secret to his success in PlanNet Marketing has been to become a serious student of the network marketing industry, reading everything he can get his hands on, following the system that Mr. Bradley created, while keeping his eye on and imitating exceptional leaders in the company like Ms. Latoya Chin , Mr. Shedrick White, and General Orlanda Moore, taking copious notes and applying what they say and show him they are doing.

KJ says his personal vision is to be used by God to impact over 3,000 lives with PlanNet Marketing before October 26, 2020 and then over 100,000 before 2030. He recognizes PlanNet Marketing as a legacy company and is ‘PlanNet Proud’ to be used by God to impact the lives of His people with this incredible vehicle named PlanNet Marketing.