An extraordinary, life-changing event! The Ladies Locker Room was held Saturday, February 23rd in Atlanta, GA. Founder and Chairman Donald Bradley mentored over 1,000 ladies with a day of Locker Room training, recognition, and empowerment! The comments below say it all!

An amazing day with some extraordinary women.
~Donald Bradley

Good Morning! We’re 1000 #plannetproudladies!  
Promotions, promotions, promotions! Our newest One-Star Directors! Congrats Kristin Rivers, Sabrina Perryman, Lekia Harmon, and Stephanie Cloutier!
~ Deborah Bradley, VP of Public Relations

When one man is coaching and mentoring, 1000 women come together to win!!! Can you say EPIC!! Thank you Mr. Donald Bradley for pouring into us! The BEST PLACE ON THE PLANNET! #LadiesLockerRoom2019   Women Winning in a major way! It’s your turn ladies! Join us!
~ JP Watkins,  Four-Star Director

1,000 Ladies Ready to Handle Business With Our Founder! When We Come Together, We Are Unstoppable!! #LetsGoPlanNetLadies
~ Tiffany Powell, Four-Star Director

So the Ladies Locker Room event was even better than I anticipated!!! Donald Bradley, Founder and CEO, truly gave us a thought provoking day of empowerment!! It’s time to change more lives.
Huge shout and thank you to Deborah Flemming Bradley; once again you produced a professional event where everyone left full!! #plannetproud#travelisthebusiness
~ Patricia Johnson, Three-Star Director

While you were sleeping...over 1000 Women in Black came together in Atlanta from all over the PlanNet to RECONNECT & RECHARGE so that we can RUN THE WORLD. When one man is coaching and mentoring -- 1,000 women come together to win!!! Can you say EPIC!! The BEST PLACE ON THE PLANNET! Thank you, Mr. Donald Bradley, for pouring into us and thank you for inoculating us with some powerful Million Dollar Nuggets today! #WeDidntComeToTakeSides   #WeCameToTakeOver #PlanNetProud
~Tisha DeShields, Two-Star Director

Today was SIMPLY amazing. When you have 1000 ladies come together on one accord…POWERFUL. Ladies Locker Room event was life changing!!!. I love partnership! To sit and learn from the Founder’s wisdom…priceless!! Thank you Donald Bradley!! A financial Movement & Crusade. It's Business!
~LaDonna Spratley, One-Star Director

This is what it looks like when you work with a visionary with a plan, high integrity and ethics. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bradley for dreaming it, conceiving it, and helping over 35,000 families achieve it. Today 1,000 ladies came together for a common cause...changing lives by showing people how to supplement their incomes. When we all come together…we’re simply unstoppable!
#PlanNetStrong   #PlanNetProud #LadiesLockerRoom2019
~ Trudy Scott,  One-Star Director