PlanNet Marketing congratulates Lorie Banatte on achieving membership in the 60/60 Club! Lorie shares, “All glory goes to God. Vision and belief is POWERFUL. We must push through the pain while weathering the storms in life while simultaneously seeing our destination so vividly and clearly. As Natalie Graham always says, ‘Put feet to faith.’ No matter what, press your way forward keeping in mind that all dreams are attainable and abundance is our birthright. We cannot allow obstacles in our path to knock us off course. It is definitely not easy, but we are here on this earth to fulfill our purpose and we are here to serve. That's what makes the sacrifices we make so worth it.

“Service to many leads to greatness and we have so many leaders modeling it, becoming the evidence and paving the way. When I saw the evidence from Natalie's testimony, I saw myself in her and had the desire to persevere. So many testimonies and leaders who are so transparent in sharing their stories of the hardships they endured while going to the next level is so relatable...we are no different. As Eileen Ross said to me, ‘Don't focus on the chaos, focus on the promise.’

“Mr. Bradley said for us to not let our why be our why not. I am a mom and wife and all I do is definitely for my family, not to them. But as I grow, my why got so much is so much bigger than me and I have so many lives connected to me that everyone attached to me wins. My family in success, the leaders, sideline partners, my amazing beautiful team - I could not do this without them. It truly takes a village and I love everyone so much. It is love, light, synergy, and genuinely wanting to help people together is what keeps us going. I am humbled and truly am grateful and will continue to strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I thank God for ordering my steps that led me to Mr. Donald Bradley's vision.