PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome new One-Star Director Kevine McMillan! Kevine is originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica and currently lives in Orlando, FL. She tells us that she and her husband, Vincent McMillan, have three amazing blessings and enjoy helping families through PlanNet Marketing.

Kevine continues, “I’m an educator by heart, so there’s a teacher always within me. With that being said, I am interested in teaching the masses. I have a passion for helping people and teaching them that you can step out on faith and make a difference in your family’s financial bloodline.

“My travel experiences have increased tremendously through PlanNet Marketing’s partnership with InteleTravel. I absolutely love experiencing travel from a client’s perspective and learning about a new location to better service my clients’ travel needs. There is absolutely no better way to sell travel than being able to speak on it yourself through your own personal experiences.

“I am achieving success by being consistent, staying plugged in, and increasing my knowledge in the industry. My tip for the upcoming leaders are to remain consistent, stay plugged in, stay out of the drama zone, and get in your money zone. You’ll fail, but so what?! Get up, brush yourself off and keep running!

“The way to achieve success is to increase your knowledge in your business, remain consistent and committed, and most importantly, trust God and the process. Coach Natalie Graham always tells us - don’t allow the process to punk you out of the promise. I refuse to quit because the process may come with a few bumps and bruises. I am determined to allow those bumps and bruises to mold me into a better leader and role model.

“I really don’t have a fun fact, but I guess we can count eating mangoes and hot sauce as a quirky fact!”