One-Star Director and 20/20 Club Member Gavin Irby is an entrepreneur with 11 years experience in the marketing field. He had been searching for the perfect company and fit that actually delivered on its promises since 2006.  In 2015 PlanNet Marketing found him and since then he has been providing people, friends, and family with a real opportunity to dream again and an opportunity for fathers, mothers, and anyone who believes in the American dream to create a legacy for their family.

Previously Gavin has worked in the automotive and hospitality fields. His work in the automotive field consisted of German engineered vehicles, which he still does on the side. The hospitality field consisted of managing sports arenas and stadiums under the umbrella of the New York Yankees brand. Gavin says, “Now that I am with PlanNet Marketing, the skills acquired while in the hospitality field I use more than ever to help lead, while staying humble enough to keep learning in this ever changing environment.”

Gavin Irby graduated valedictorian from the Universal Technical Institute, where he learned how to excel through adversity in a challenging field where the information is changing constantly. He also found time to graduate from Winston-Salem State in the Exercise Science and Physiology department.

Gavin achieved the rank of One-Star Director in less than a year and has his eyes set on the next milestone of Two-Star Director. He tells us that his next major project is helping three other teammates achieve One-Star Director, as he knows there is power, strength and wisdom in “We instead of me.”  

Gavin Irby is from New York, New York but now resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which he calls home and where he realized the world is his classroom. “School is in! Let recess begin!” He likes to modify and race cars, speed skate, play football, read, mountain bike, and he loves flying. Travel experiences include Belize, France, Amsterdam, Spain, California, Texas, Illinois, and all of the East Coast of the States except for Maine.

Gavin tells us that he achieves his success by remembering that he has two ears and one mouth for a reason. He spends more time listening than talking. He also reads consistently and always accepts constructive criticism. Director Irby considers himself “The Bridge,” with the real potential to help thousands of families accomplish their goals with this marketing opportunity. He states, “You must be challenged, be pushed, be uncomfortable, and be out of your comfort zone if you choose to be remarkable. Mediocrity is cancer to the soul.”