Compliance Tip of the Week

We always talk about rules – and those are important (oh yes they are!) but they aren’t the ONLY important matter we have to discuss. I think we should talk about your account with PlanNet. It's your connection to the company - the hub of all information - and it's IMPORTANT. 
When is the last time you looked through your Virtual Office to update your address, phone number, email address, or your bank information with Paylution? Maybe recently, maybe never!
PlanNet prides ourselves on the way we do business – and we want to be able to communicate with each and every Rep when and if we need to. The fact is, many of you may not even be getting the Blog email each week because we don’t have your current email address. Please help us to help you. To ensure timely communications, delivery of support materials and commission payments, it is critically important that PlanNet Marketing’s files are current. If you’re planning to move or change your email address, let us know as soon as possible.

You can update the information yourself in your Virtual Office (VO) by clicking "Edit Profile Account," you can email, send a support ticket from your VO, or call us at 470-443-9330. Don’t let another day go by without ensuring we know who you are, where you are, and how to reach you. Please note: All name changes must be submitted in writing via email or support ticket. Please include your ID number with all requests.
-- Policies and Procedures Section 6.1, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).
~Amanda Restivo, Manager of Compliance --