PlanNet Marketing is proud to announce that Three-Star Director, LaVonda Thornton-Bush has achieved 80/80 Club status! LaVonda says, “I am honored to have been chosen to share a brief testimony about this major accomplishment. Aside from being extremely competitive, I actually LOVE this amazing opportunity and I refuse to keep it to myself. I remember the feeling of excitement when I received a phone call from my personal sponsor, Four-Star Director Phillip Rollins. I keep that feeling in my heart and I make sure to share the opportunity with any and everyone I meet so they can have the same feeling. When you're told that you are paid to help people, it makes it even easier. 

“This year I celebrated (yes - celebrated) TWO YEARS of being laid off from my six-figure corporate job. If it were not for PlanNet Marketing, I would have walked out of my office with my head hanging low, with tears rolling down my face, feeling defeated, as I had done in the previous years of layoffs.  But thanks to an opportunity that started off as a part-time business, I practically RAN out of my office with excitement. I spend most of my time educating "employees" to keep their options open. To keep their jobs, like I did. To find a business that they love, like I did. To build their business on a part-time basis with integrity, like I did. So that if they are laid off like I was, they have the option to NEVER go back to another corporate job. 

“I hope this message inspires people to kick their comfort zones to the curb and bless others with this amazing opportunity with PlanNet Marketing. We are our own boss, we control our own time, we choose who we want to work with, and we can promote ourselves as much and as often as we want.  And to top it all off, we are in the largest, most profitable industry in the world!  I'm just excited to congratulate all of the future 80/80 Club Members!”